Electrostatic Voltmeters

Non-Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek’s novel non-contacting voltmeter designs achieve high accuracy measurements that are virtually insensitive to variations in probe-to-surface distances, and prevent arc-over between the probe and measured surface. This is ideal for applications where surface contact must be avoided.

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Contacting Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek's Infinitron® line offers a breakthrough in the world of electrostatic voltmeters. This ultra-high impedance contacting voltmeter technology makes it possible to do highly accurate contacting measurements with virtually no charge transfer. This contrasts with other contacting measurement technologies that transfer charge upon contact, thereby compromising the electrical condition of the surface being measured.
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On May 22, 2018 Advanced Energy acquired Monroe Electronics’ electrostatic business and relocated production and sales to AE’s Trek facilities in Lockport, NY. read more

Please click here to view AE's Monroe Electrostatic product line which includes Electrostatic Voltmeters, Fieldmeters, Charged Plate Monitors, Resistivity meters, and Coulombmeters.

Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek’s electrostatic voltmeters accurately measure surface potential (voltage) on materials. The company's non-contacting and contacting designs leverage Trek technologies. Trek also offers numerous probe options and on-board controllers.

Probe Information

A probe selection table provides technical and dimensional information for Trek’s probes that are utilized with the company’s electrostatic voltmeter models.

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On Board Controller

TREK, INC. is a world class leader in the design and manufacture of custom OEM non-contacting on-board electrometers, commonly referred to as on-board controllers (OBC) or board level ESVs. More Information

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