Electrostatic Discharge Products

Charged Plate Monitors

Trek charged-plate monitors combine Trek's patented precision charge measurement capability with features that drive down the cost of required ion balance and discharge testing for ionizer maintenance.
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Electrostatic Voltmeters for ESD

Some of Trek’s electrostatic voltmeters are designed with portable, hand-held, multi-channel or other features for ease of use in ESD-sensitive environments.
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Electrostatic Detectors & Sensors

Trek offers diagnostic tools for ESD event detection and in-line sensing of electrostatic charge to assist with management of ESD in production and research environments.
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Trek offers air nozzle ionizers to assist with charge management via ion generation.
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Surface/Volume Resistance Meter

The Trek Model 152-1 Surface/ Volume Resistance Meter is designed to precisely measure surface or volume resistance on a wide variety of conductive, dissipative, and insulative materials.
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ESD Audit Kit

Trek’s Model 511/1501 ESD Audit Kit includes Model 511 Ionizer Test Kit (Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter, charger and charge plate) and Model 1501 Surface Resistance Meter in a compact carrying case.
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On May 22, 2018 Advanced Energy acquired Monroe Electronics’ electrostatic business and relocated production and sales to AE’s Trek facilities in Lockport, NY. read more

Please click here to view AE's Monroe Electrostatic product line which includes Electrostatic Voltmeters, Fieldmeters, Charged Plate Monitors, Resistivity meters, and Coulombmeters.
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