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Trek works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world to expedite the transition of concepts into designs which are then commercialized into manufactured products to meet the OEM’s performance requirements. Trek products are utilized in multi-million dollar equipment and systems to assure precise performance is attained consistently and reliably. Our OEM relationships extend to decades, not just months or years, assuring continuity and constancy.

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Technical Competence

Trek’s expertise can be summarized as being strong in “analog design and high-voltage circuitries with an interface to the digital world”. With more than 100 years of combined experience, Trek’s technical personnel bring considerable experience and knowledge to every OEM challenge. They understand the need for adaptability and ask the right questions to help the OEM navigate through the challenges of high- voltage technology. Trek is adept at meeting specifications for ‘drop in’ retrofit applications making the transition seamless for the OEM. A dedicated Trek Technology Center enables our engineering and R&D staff to focus on technology advancements that leverage the company’s core competencies.

Support Which Makes a Difference

Our technical staff often travels to OEM sites for team meetings, installations and troubleshooting. Trek schedules virtual meetings with OEMs when cross-functional team members are involved from multiple sites. Our engineers often talk one-on-one with their OEM counterparts to address questions quickly.
During onsite visits to the OEM, Trek often helps solve problems unrelated to Trek products, by sharing our expertise. We want our OEM customers to be successful and we do more than expected to assist with that pursuit. Our internal testing facilities enable us to manage the testing phase effectively and efficiently. Once in production, Trek’s production team provides additional support in terms of test protocols, forecasting, and release timing. Our engineers maintain their relationship with the OEM to assure technical issues are addressed if/when the need arises. This gives the OEM comfort and confidence that Trek is always there, helping to expedite projects.

Value-Added Integrator

For nearly 50 years Trek has been designing and manufacturing high-precision, high-performance electronic equipment and instruments to meet customer needs. Trek’s high-voltage circuitry knowledge, decades of experience and related skills and capabilities provide an excellent foundation for the company to work with OEMs as a value-added integrator of technology. Trek has developed its own technologies which can benefit OEM projects. Trek’s entrepreneurial team understands the process of transitioning OEM requirements from concept/design to high performance production-ready units. The company’s strong relationships with vendors and other partners enhance Trek’s ability to find a product or technology solution to enhance performance/function, acknowledging there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Financially Sound

TREK, INC. has been privately held since 1968 when it was founded by Bruce Williams. The company is now managed by individuals who have had a long history of involvement with Trek. The Trek brand is well known and respected throughout the world. Our standard product line provides high-voltage amplifiers, piezo drivers, electrostatic voltmeters and ESD products to researchers and end-users in the global marketplace to enable utility in processes and technical advancements in these and related disciplines. Our OEM business provides application-specific solutions to major corporations involved in diverse industries around the world. This combination of standard and custom products that are used in a variety of markets, along with a management team that understands the value of the Trek brand, assures that Trek is well-positioned for the future.

Virtual Team Member

Trek works with its OEM customers as a virtual member of the new product design/development team, sharing ideas and technical suggestions on an interactive basis. Even if there are changes in the NPD team’s members, Trek offers constancy which helps keep projects on track through such transitions. We recommend you get Trek involved early in your development process so that we can provide our expertise and input up front regarding design, feasibility, performance and target cost based on our years of experience. This early engagement helps to avoid problems later on when changes are more costly, difficult, or time consuming.

Proven Track Record

Trek has been designing and manufacturing high- voltage amplifiers & power supplies and electrostatic measurement solutions for decades. The company was founded in 1968 and has been providing solutions to end-users and OEMs around the world ever since. Our longest OEM relationships extend to decades which are a testament to Trek’s ability to meet, if not exceed, the OEMs’ requirements year after year. These affiliations are excellent examples of what long term relationships are all about.

Innovative Solutions

Trek has years of experience with challenging applications including the design and development of products for space shuttle missions, semiconductor processes, electrostatic printing, piezo driving and materials research. We strive to meet the OEM requirements for technical performance and physical dimensions; this often requires novel approaches to design and circuitry. We offer a line of standard products to help OEMs get started with the scoping of their technical performance requirements. Most of the standard products have a rental option which is helpful for the OEM’s short term studies or design of experiment situations. Upon completion of those initial studies, we assist the OEM with the fine-tuning of their specific solution and provide quick turn-around prototypes for that purpose. We also design test fixtures to meet the specific needs of an OEM. Creativity is the underlying theme to our efforts since each unique application requires its own unique solution.

Multiple Facilities

By way of various strategic initiatives Trek has multiple facilities in locations around the Western New York area. The primary site in Lockport, NY consists of 58,000 ft2 for production and administration. The Trek Technology Center, at another site in Lockport, is a 12,000 ft2 facility for the company’s engineering/R&D personnel, lab/testing facilities and prototype capabilities. Our contract electronics manufacturing services group (TORRENT EMS) recently moved from Orchard Park, NY to Trek's headquarters facility in Lockport, NY to enhance production efficiencies. These multiple facilities offer flexibility, redundancy and versatility which enhance our ability to be responsive and provide the OEM with peace of mind. To assure that the company is able to meet OEM expectations now and in the future Trek has a continuous improvement program which is designed to further enhance quality and productivity through initiatives like automation, cell-based processes, cross-training of operators, electronic documentation, employee certifications (IPC) and lean manufacturing.
Trek has a very low rate of employee turnover which also enhances the company’s productivity. Our 100% burn-in testing helps to assure performance in the customer’s hands. We are accustomed to meeting CE, CSA/UL, and VDE requirements. Our ISO certification and ITAR registration may be of interest to particular OEMs. Trek is also familiar with ATEX, CCR and ORCA.

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