High Voltage Amplifiers

We offer an extensive line of high-voltage amplifiers with a choice of voltage and current ranges to accommodate a variety of demanding applications. Many models include an automatic crossover compliance limit or current trip feature for protective shut-down. Trek high-voltage amplifiers are protected against output short circuits and over voltages. These amplifiers are used as high-voltage power supplies in some applications.

Amplifiers ≥ 5kV

Amplifiers < 5kV

High Voltage Function Generators

Trek provides off-the-shelf models ( 615 Series). However, if you already have a low voltage function generator, you can convert it to a high voltage function generator by adding on a high-voltage DC-stable power amplifier from Trek.

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Piezo Drivers

High voltage amplifiers from Trek are used to drive piezoelectric elements and for poling of piezoelectric (ferroelectric) materials.

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