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Trek Model 2100HF
High Frequency High-Voltage Power Amplifier

  • Output Voltage:
  • Output Current:
  • Slew Rate:
  • Large Signal Bandwidth:
  • Gain:
  • 0 to ±150 V DC or peak AC
    0 to ±300 mA
    Greater than 2 kV/µs
    DC to greater than 2.6 MHz (-3dB)
    50 V/V Fixed

The Model 2100HF incorporates an all-solid-state design for high reliability and low-noise operation, thus achieving accurate output response and high slew rates, even into highly capacitive loads. Full power frequency response of the amplifier is essentially flat up to 2 MHz. No overshoot or instability of the waveform occurs due to the amplifier's unique dual feedback feature.

  • dielectric material characterization
  • electro-optic modulation
  • ion beam control
  • MEMS devices
  • piezo electric driving and control
  • ultrasonics
Features and Benefits
  • Incorporates all-solid state design for highly reliable low-noise operation
  • Achieves accurate output rates and high slew rates even in highly capacitive loads
  • Full power frequency response is essentially flat up to 2 MHZ
  • Dual feed-back feature ensures “no overshoot” or instability of waveform
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Compliance provided with each unit shipped

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