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Recent Technical Presentations

Measuring the body voltage on wearers of category 3 bunnysuits, a paper co-authored by Trek, LBL Scientific and Aramark was presented at the 2017 EOS/ESD Symposium held at Reno, Nevada in September 2017.

Abstract: The electric field sensitivity of modern photolithographic reticles requires a category 3 bunnysuit with a body voltage limited to 100 volts. A charge plate monitor (CPM) is specified to measure body voltage. This paper investigates the measurement accuracy. It is shown that the capacitance of measurement system causes the CPM to underestimate the walking voltage.
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Prior Technical Presentations

Trek’s CEO, Toshio Uehara, gave a presentation entitled “Electrostatic Force Microscope Applications for the Research of Piezo Actuator and Semiconductor” at the 67th International Center for Actuators and Transducers (ICAT) Smart Actuator Symposium held at Penn State University in October 2014 at University Park, Pennsylvania.


“High Spatial Resolution Measurements on Surface Voltage Distribution with Electrostatic Force Microscope”, a paper co-authored by Trek Japan KK and Nihon University, was presented by Jumpei Higashio (Trek Japan KK) at the 2012 Electrostatics Joint Conference which was held June 12-14 , 2012 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
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“A New Field Nullification Method for Electrostatic Force Microscope (EFM) for Unknown High Voltage Measurement” a paper co-authored by Trek and Nihon University was presented at the Imaging Science & Technology’s Digital Printing Technologies Conference (IS&T/NIP27) on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 during NIP Track 2 Photoelectronic Imaging Materials and Devices session, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This paper was initially submitted to the conference with the following title: “A New Sensor Adjacent Methodology for High Spatial Resolution and High Voltage Measurement”.
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“Surface Potential Measurement Technology: Contacting and Non-Contacting Technique for Static Charge” was presented by Trek's Mr. Shinichi Yamaguchi from at 6th Philippine ESD Forum in conjunction with the 21st ASEMEP National Technical Symposium on Friday June 3, 2011.


“Real Time Observation of Surface Potential with an EFM on CTL” was presented by Trek's Mr. Uehara during the Photoelectronic Imaging and Devices session at the Imaging Science & Technology’s Digital Printing Technologies Conference (IS&T/ NIP25) on Monday September 21, 2009 during NIP Track 4, Photoelectronic Imaging Materials and Devices, in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Additional Technical Presentations

Our Technical Expertise can be seen by just glancing at all of the technical presentations Trek has been involved with over the years.
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