Product Data Sheets


High-Voltage Power Amplifiers

10/10B-HS High-Speed High-Voltage Power Amplifier

10/40A-HS High-Speed High-Voltage Power Amplifier

20/20C High-Voltage Power Amplifier

20/20C-HS High-Speed High-Voltage Power Amplifier

2100HF Piezo Driver/Amplifier (High Frequency)

2205 Piezo Driver/Amplifier

2210 Piezo Driver/Amplifier 

2220 Piezo Driver/Amplifier

30/20A High-Voltage Power Amplifier

40/15 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

50/12 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

5/80 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

601C High-Voltage Power Amplifier

603 Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver 

609B-3 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

609E-6 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

610E High-Voltage Supply/Amplifier/Controller

623B High-Voltage Power Amplifier

High-Voltage Power Amplifier/Supply

PD05034 High-Voltage Power Amplifier

PD07016 High Voltage Power Amplifier 

PZD350A Piezo Driver/Amplifier (single or dual)

PZD350A M/S Piezo Driver/Amplifier (high current)

PZD700A Piezo Driver/Amplifier (single or dual)

PZD700A M/S Piezo Driver/Amplifier (high current)

PZD2000A Piezo Driver/Amplifier 

High-Voltage Function Generators

615-10 High-Voltage AC/DC Generator

Electrostatic Chuck Supply and Optimizer

645 Electrostatic Chuck (ESC) Supply

646 Electrostatic Chuck (ESC) Supply

High Voltage Reference Supplies

605A High-Voltage Reference Supply

668B Precision, High-Voltage Reference Supply




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Electrostatic Voltmeter (ESVM) Instruments

320C High-Sensitivity, DC-Stable ESVM 

323 High-Sensitivity, DC-Stable ESVM

325 High Sensitivity ESVM

341B  High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM

344 DC-Stable ESVM

347  DC-Stable ESVM

370  DC-Stable ESVM

706B Portable ESVM

820 Infinitron® ESVM

Hand-Held Infinitron® ESVM

P0865 High-Speed, High-Voltage ESVM

Trek Probe Reference Chart Probe Chart for ESVM's

Electrostatic Voltmeters for ESD

511 Hand-Held Electrostatic Field Meter
        (Optional Ionizer Test Kit)

520 Series Hand-Held ESVM

523 Hand-Held ESVM

541A Electrostatic Voltmeter with USB port

541A Walking Test Adapter Accessory

542A Electrostatic Voltmeter with USB port

876 [P0876A] Hand-Held ESVM

884 [P0884A] Hand-Held ESVM

Electrostatic Discharge Audit Kit

511/1501 ESD Audit Kit

Electrostatic Discharge Detectors and Sensors

875 Electrostatic Voltage Sensor

Charged-Plate Monitors

156A Charged-Plate Monitor

157 Charged-Plate Monitor

158A Charged-Plate Monitor

PD04002A Charged-Plate Monitor

DI (de-ionized) Water Probes

Surface/Volume Resistance Meter

152-1 Surface/Volume Resistance

152P-2P Two-Point Resistance Probe

1501 Hand-Held Surface Resistance Meter

Surface/Volume Resistance Probe

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