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Rental Information

Why Rent?
  • Renting is Quick & Easy

    Toll-free ordering and technical support provided.
    1 800 FOR-TREK (1 800 367-8735)
    or 1 (716) 438-7555
  • Renting Preserves Your Capital

    Your capital or credit is not tied up so you retain full borrowing power.

  • Renting Gives You Flexibility- Get Equipment When You Need It

    A cost-effective use of equipment for short-term projects, emergencies, or until purchased equipment arrives.

  • Renting Gives You Control

    You can return equipment at any time with no further obligation (except as outlined under the Early Returns Policy). Rental equipment is fully covered for service and repair, avoiding related cost. If you have problems, we repair or replace the equipment promptly, free of charge.

    Our equipment is maintained and calibrated to meet product specifications.
Weekly Rentals
Rental period
Weekly Rate*
1 6% of list price
2 4.5% of list price
3 4% of list price
4 3.75% of list price

(subject to change without notice)







* Minimum rental fee is $75.00 USD

Monthly Rentals
Rental period
Monthly Rate*
1 15% of list price
2 12% of list price
3 10% of list price
4 9% of list price
5 8.5% of list price
6 8% of list price
7 7.5% of list price
8 7% of list price
9 6.5% of list price
10 6% of list price

(subject to change without notice)

Rental Charge Example

For example, a three-week rental charge for an instrument with a list price of $4,000 USD would be:

list price x 4% x 3 weeks = rental charge

$4000 x 0.04 x 3 = $480 USD

Billing Dates

Rental orders are billed on the date of shipment from TREK, INC. and invoiced with terms of Net 30 days on credit card. Rental periods are calculated to exclude transit time to customer site and a grace period of five (5) business days is allowed for return shipments to TREK, INC. A Return Authorization Number should be requested before returning equipment. Rental equipment received after the grace period may be considered late and subject to extension charges, with the minimum charge being one (1) week.

Purchasing Equity

Should the customer wish to purchase the rental equipment, 50% of the payment from the start of the rental will be deducted from the list price. The decision to purchase must be made prior to returning the equipment.

Extensions to the Rental Agreement

Weekly and monthly extensions to the rental agreement are welcome. Extensions of the rental agreement do not affect the rental rates of the original rental agreement. Rental charges will be discounted from the standard rates where applicable. Typically, the longer the original rental agreement period, the larger the discount for an extension. The decision to extend a rental period must be made prior to returning the equipment.

Early Returns

Rental charges will be calculated by usage. In the event an instrument is returned early, charges will be based on the number of months of the actual rental period, not the original rental agreement period.


Rental equipment is shipped to locations in the USA by TREK, INC. using ground service. Shipping charges for expedited delivery service and international shipments are additional. In all cases, the customer is responsible for return shipping to TREK, INC.

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