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High voltage amplifiers from Trek are used to drive piezoelectric elements and for poling of piezoelectric materials.

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ESD Electrostatic Discharge

Static electricity is a problem that can impact product quality, throughput and worker safety in many industries. In electronics and media, ESD affects semiconductor manufacturing, electronics assembly, flat panel display & hard disk drive production, and film processing.

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Our close association with, and commitment to, the electrophotography industry continues with innovative designs for voltmeters, charger-roller power supplies, and low cost, high performance OEM sensors.

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Other Applications

Power Amplification, Metrology, Vehicle Emission Testing, Solar / Photovoltaic, Custom Applications, and Application Support.

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Semiconductor Equipment

Trek amplifiers are used for ion and electron beam deflection/steering during semiconductor wafer processing. They are also used in electrostatic and Johnsen-Rahbek wafer clamping.

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Research & Development

Trek’s products are utilized in research for smart materials, piezoelectrics, plasma chemistry, materials poling, displays, electrostatics, mass spectrometry, electrocoalescence, nanotechnology applications and more.

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