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Piezoelectronics Applications

High voltage amplifiers from Trek are used to drive piezoelectric elements and for poling of piezoelectric materials.

Trek's High Voltage Linear Amplifiers provide

  • Dynamic Adjustment enables optimization of output signals based on load and frequency

  • Front Panel DC offset available on some amplifiers, DC offset is possible with a DC offset at the input signal on all amplifiers

  • Outputs are fully protected from short circuits and return energy from the piezo

  • Accurate amplification of any type of input signal
  • Four quadrant output

  • High slew rates

  • DC stability

  • Wide bandwidth

Common Piezo Types

  • Macrofiber Composites (MFC's) also known as Piezo Patch

  • Piezoceramic Fiber Composites (PFC's)

  • Active Fiber Composites (AFC's)

  • Monolithic Piezo Ceramic Wafers (Single Layer Piezos)

  • Piezo Stack Actuators (Multilayered Ceramic Piezos)

  • Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)


  • Positioning
  • Active Vibration Dampening
  • High-speed Switching
  • Precision Machining
  • Microfluids Metering
  • Micropumps
  • Piezo Transducers
  • Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

Trek Products: PZD350A, PZD350A M/S, PZD700A, PZD700A M/S, PZD2000A, 601C, 603, 2100HF, 2200 Series

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