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Power Amplification

High voltage, high current amplifiers are used for a variety of applications: laser and electro-optic modulation, electrostatic deflection and focusing, dielectric studies, electroactive polymers and MEMS driving, partial discharge research, electrohydrodynamics, gyrotron power supplies, corona charging, electrostatic flocking, coating and precipitation, electrophoresis and dielectrophoresis, ion source supplies, and plasma power supplies.

Models: 623B, 30/20A, 20/20C, 10/40A, 5/80

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Vehicle Emission Testing

Trek has a product which meets the requirements described for an electrostatic monitor under the EPA; Title 40 Part 86 – Control of Emissions from New and  In-Use Highway Vehicles and Engines. Specifically 40 C.F.R. 86.1312-2007 - Filter stabilization and microbalance workstation environmental conditions, microbalance specifications, and particulate matter filter handling and weighing procedures.

Model 323

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Solar / Photovoltaic

Trek amplifiers, electrostatic voltmeters and surface resistivity meters are utilized in solar cell, solar battery, and other PV applications for research, evaluation or production purposes.

Models: 20/20C, 610E, 645, 820, 325, 323, 152-1


These products are used for precision measurements of voltage and surface charge distributions; resistance and resistivity meters are also utilized:

Models 370, 347, 152-1, 541A, 542A

Custom Applications

Trek can provide custom solutions for those applications needing more than an 'off-the-shelf ' product. Our decades of experience and technical expertise can assist you in the design and development stages as well as in production. Consider Trek a member of your team; we work with OEMs around the world, providing technical advice and solutions.

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Application Support

If you have any questions regarding Trek products for your application please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 1 800 FOR-TREK (1 800 367-8735)
or 1 (716) 438-7555
Fax: 1 (716) 201-1804
Email: Contact Trek


Trek provide technical application information about it's products in a series of downloadable application notes.

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