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Electrostatic Clamping Technology

Electrostatic-Driven Handling Technology

Trek has developed technology which advances electrostatic-driven handling in a variety of applications.

Unique aspects of the technology include customizable AC waveforms (for faster declamping) and a wafer detection system.

Commercial application of this technology has resulted in a new line of E-Chuck supplies at Trek for the semiconductor industry.

Trek expects this technology to be of interest for applications in other industries where electrostatic handling is preferred over mechanical handling.

The company welcomes inquiries from OEMs for custom designs utilizing Trek’s technology.

E-Chuck Supplies for Semiconductor Industry

Trek has been providing high voltage power supply solutions for bipolar electrostatic chuck supplies (E-chuck supplies, ESC supplies) in the semiconductor industry for decades.

The company’s newest ESC supply product line utilizes novel Trek technology which delivers numerous benefits:

  • Improvement in throughput - 3x faster
  • Virtual elimination of sticky wafer, wafer popping
  • Reduction in backside gas errors (i.e. He)

For more information about Trek’s E-Chuck supplies

Electrostatic Chuck Supply - ±2kV Model 645
Electrostatic Chuck Supply - ±3kV Model 646

For custom/OEM designs please contact us

Trek’s video demonstrates two applications of Trek’s electrostatic clamping technology.

Please note that the wafer detection indicator appears in the upper right corner of the display on the front panel:
     WC = wafer present and clamped
     WP = wafer present but not clamped
     NW = wafer not present

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