AE and Trek

Our History

The Beginning

Electric FlashEstablished in 1968 by Bruce T. Williams, TREK, INC. was founded based upon the needs of the electrophotographic industry for highly accurate, stable, cost-effective electrostatic measurement instrumentation and devices.

Beginning with our first noncontacting, DC-stable, electrostatic voltmeter, the Trek Model 300, which quickly became an industry standard, Trek set the pace for its future growth and reputation as a quality instrumentation designer and manufacturer. Our close association with, and commitment to, the electrophotography industry continues with innovative designs for voltmeters, charger-roller power supplies, and low cost, high performance OEM sensors.

Continued Growth & Expansion

In the mid-1980s, TREK, INC. extended its R&D efforts into the semiconductor equipment industry. We developed the world's first all-solid-state, high voltage (20 kV), high-speed, DC-stable amplifier. Today, Trek amplifiers are the product of choice for use in medium current ion implantation systems around the world. We have continued our efforts in this market by developing generators for electrostatic wafer clamping applications, which offer superior clamping with minimal wafer release times.

Our calibration and measurement expertise has enabled Trek to extend its instrumentation product offerings to serve growing industries such as semiconductor, disk drive, and LCD manufacturing. Standard product tools such as charged-plate monitors, electrostatic voltmeters, electrostatic sensors, and resistivity meters are helping these and other industries effectively address their EOS/ESD (electrostatic discharge) concerns.

Trek is expanding its involvement in smart materials research with our growing line of piezo driving amplifiers. We work closely with research facilities and universities to develop special amplifiers and measuring equipment for various applications. We are proud of these affiliations and appreciate the great opportunities they offer for innovation and product line expansion.

Smart Solutions

Since its beginning TREK, INC., now located in Lockport, New York USA, has responded to customer requests for specialized electronic and electrostatic instrumentation. Trek employs a staff of highly trained applications and R&D engineers who are trained to resolve customer application requirements with accurate, high-quality solutions and products.

Whether you need assistance with an off-the-shelf product or you need to access Trek's expertise to design a solution that suits your particular needs, you can depend on Trek to help you find the right solution.

Trek in Japan

In 1987, Trek Japan KK was founded in Tokyo, Japan for the purpose of providing Japanese and other Pacific Rim customers local application engineering support, sales, and service. In 2006, the Trek Holding Company Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan acquired U.S. based TREK, INC. and Trek Japan KK.

Trek and Advanced Energy

On February 1, 2018, an agreement was reached for Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., to acquire all shares of Trek Holding Co. Ltd. (“Trek”) , a designer and manufacturer of High Voltage (HV) power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instruments, sensors and monitors.

Our Commitment

Handshake At Trek, we are committed to growing with the dynamic customer base that we serve and to directing our resources toward the requirements of both today and tomorrow

Please contact TREK, INC. for further information about our products and their various applications. We would like to talk with you about your particular needs and determine how our products can meet your specific requirements.The commitment to our customer extends well beyond the sale. We are committed to supplying total customer satisfaction.

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