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Trek was founded in 1968 by Bruce T. Williams to provide highly accurate, stable, cost-effective electrostatic measurement instrumentation and devices. Trek later developed the world's first all-solid-state, high voltage (20 kV), high-speed, DC-stable amplifier. The company continues to advance the state of the art in these core technologies.
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Trek designs and manufactures high voltage amplifiers, piezo drivers and power supplies for demanding applications. The company also makes electrostatic measurement instruments for high performance applications, and offers electrostatic sensors and detectors, electrostatic voltmeters, charged plate monitors, surface resistance/resistivity meters and ionizers for electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications.

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Trek is located in Lockport, New York, USA and in Tokyo, Japan. Please contact us at either location for technical assistance with your application.
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If you are interested in working for Trek in R&D, engineering, sales, production, or support positions please contact our human resources department.
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