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Charge Plate - Analyzer - model 300

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300 Charge Plate Analyzer
The model 300 uses large, high-contrast, alpha/numeric LED displays for easy reading at any vieweing angle, even in high ambient lighting conditions. Individual LED’s, provide additional operation status during testing and setup. Single-button operation of manual +decay, -decay and balance ensures simple, easy operation. Balance tests record ±peaks and average reading. Each test can be customized in setup for stop trip levels and test duration. An automated set of tests can be initiated with a single button depress.

Operation and setup can be done via a USB port and PC software in addition to the front panel buttons. Test results can also be retreived for automatic or manual test.
Real time analysis of ionizers can be done via the analog output.
  • Measures, displays and stores last test data, including discharge times, peak offset voltages, and average offset voltage.
  • Easiest, most reliable way to check effectiveness of all ionization-type static control systems
  • Meets Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM 3.1
  • Removable, cable-connected ion collecting plate probe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring
  • Separate time and voltage displays for discharge time test
  • Recorder output for permanent records and unattended operation
  • One range measures from 0 to ±1kV
  • Dramatically demonstrates induced charges and human body potential
  • AC and battery operation
  • Perform long-term balance tests
  PICTURES [click on image for larger view]
300 Charge Plate Analyzer

300 Front View

300 Back View

300 Back View with Plate in the Stored Position

300 with Detached Plate

mini tripod
Plate shown with mini tripod

mini tripod
Plate shown with mini tripod
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300/84 Carry Case