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Resistance Meter - Surface - Test Kit - model 292A (discontinued)

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292A Resistance Meter - Surface - Test Kit

  This Model is no longer available. Please refer to Monroe Model 272A or Trek Model 152-1                
Monroe Model 292A Digital Surface Resistance Test Kit is a portable, versatile, instrument designed to accurately measure resistance between two points (Rtt), surface to ground (Rtg), and surface resistivity in accordance with ANSI/ESD Association standard S-4.1. In addition, the meter measures ambient temperature and relative humidity.

The Surface Resistance Meter (included in the kit) is designed to make measurements in accor-dance with specified test methods on:

• Work surfaces – ANSI/ESD STM S4.1 Work surfaces – Resistance Measurements
• Floors – ANSI/ESD STM S7.1 – Resistive Characterization of Materials Floor Materials
• Footwear – ANSI/ESD STM S9.1 and S9.2 – Footwear- Resistive Characterization
• Garments – ANSI/ESD STM 2.1 Garments
• Seating – ANSI/ESDESD STM 12.1 Seating – Resistive Measurement
• Floor/Footwear – ANSI/ESD STM 97.1 Floor Materials and Footwear Resistance    Measurement in    Combination with a Person
• Workstations – ESD-AVD53.1 ESD Protective Workstations

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292A Front View

292A kit

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292A/41 Surface Resistivity Adapter
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96164 Miniature Point-to-Point Resistance Probe:
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