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NanoCoulomb Meter - model 284

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The NanoCoulomb Meter, model 284 directly measures electrostatic charge on conductive, dissipative, or insulative objects. model 284 is ideal for testing items, such as ESD packaging, populated PC boards, disk drive components, and electronic devices, according to industry standards and test methods that require charge measurements, such as ANSI/ESD S541 and SEMI E78.

Measure charges on isolated conductors by direct contact using a point contact probe (sold separately). Measure charges on all types of objects by placing the charged object in a Faraday cup (sold separately), which is connected to the meter input. Two interchangeable standard sizes of Faraday cups serve most needs. The inner dimensions of these are 2-5/8” dia. x 2-¾” deep and 5-¾” dia. x 7” deep. Custom sizes are available on special order

  • Simple to operate
  • Portable, self-contained, battery operated
  • Two measurement ranges (20 nC and 200 nC)
  • Resolves 0.1 nC
  PICTURES [click on image for larger view]
284 End View
284 with Faraday Cup
Faraday Cuo
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284/22A 2 5/8” Diameter Faraday Cup
284/22B 6” Diameter Faraday Cup
284-2 Optional Range 200, 20, 2
284-3 Optional Range 2000, 200, 20
1P20B Test Probe for Model 284
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