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Charge Plate - System - model 282CPS

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Increase the utility of your Monroe model 282 Electrostatic Fieldmeter by adding the 282CPS

The Charge Plate System, model 282CPS is an accessory for the model 282 Fieldmeter that permits the model 282 to measure ionizer performance. The 282CPS includes a charge plate attachment for the fieldmeter and a charging source to charge the plate attachment. The fieldmeter then measures the plate voltage during balance and decay tests.

  • Lowest-cost test method for periodic verification of ionizers
  • Correlates closely to charged-plate monitor test results
  • Performs both positive and negative decay tests
  • Also works with Model 281
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282CPS Front View

282CPS Kit


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282A Digital Stat-Arc 3
281 Static Locator