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Electrostatic Fieldmeter - Portable - model 257D

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The model 257D is a portable, battery-operated fieldmeter for performing static surveys or for use as a diagnostic tool when troubleshooting problems caused by static buildup.
  • Two switch-selectable measurement ranges (2 kV/cm and 20 kV/cm)
  • Recorder output to pass measurements to auxiliary instruments to display or record the data
  • Intrinsically safe sensors are approved for use in hazardous locations when used with approved IS barriers
  • Remote sensors can be located up to 1000 feet from the monitor
  • Chopper-stabilized measurement technique is drift free, even in ionized environments
  • An AC adaptor is provided to recharge the batteries and to operate the Model 257D during longer-term tests
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257D Front View

257D Back View

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1036F-5 Standard General Purpose Sensor:
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  257D/110VAC Modular Power Supply