Voltmeter Probes

A sample of our probes are listed below. Please scroll the page to find the probe that interests you. For other models or additional assistance, please contact us.


The patented design of Trek probes provide the largest possible signal strength to reduce noise and drift, and to maintain optimum performance at wider probe-to-surface distances. In Trek probes, the electrode is located on a vibrating reed. This places the electrode in motion, in the aperture, close to the surface for maximum signal strength. Trek probe designs eliminate the need for close-tolerance components. This significantly improves noise and drift performance under varying temperatures, high humidity, and in the presence of contaminating particulates.

See our FAQ for probe fixture information.

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Model 6000B-7C (left) and 6000B-8 (right) probes

ESVM Models 344 347(shown)

Model 3800E-2 (left) and 3800S-2 (right) probes

ESVM Models 370 (shown) 368A

Model 3629A probe

ESVM Model 370TR

Model 3250 probe

ESVM Model 320C

Model 3450 probe

ESVM Model 341B and P0865

Model 555-P-1 probe

ESVM Models 344 347

Model 555P-4 probe

ESVM Models 344 347

Model 6000B-15C probe

ESVM Models 344 347

Model 6000B-16 probe

ESVM Models 344 347 323

Model 6300-7 High Temperature Probe

ESVM Models 347 344

Model 6300-8 High Temperature Probe

ESVM Models 347 344

Model PD1216P probe

ESVM Model 325

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