Charged Plate Monitors

Each Charged Plate Monitor Offers High Accuracy and Flexibility in Plate Size and Capacitance, Ideal for ESD Applications

Trek Charged-Plate Monitors employ a revolutionary charge plate monitor design that utilizes an ultrahigh-impedance, high-voltage follower to monitor the ion collecting plate voltage. This technique provides very high accuracy and virtually infinite impedance loading of the plate, while allowing the ion collecting plate to be charged and monitored through the same small-diameter connection. This technique also makes the measurement capacitance independent of the physical size and shape of the ion plate. Therefore, the size and shape of an ion collecting plate, as well as the measurement capacitance, may be customer specified to match a particular ESD-sensitive device within a manufacturing process. Charged Plate Monitors can be used for ionizer testing, ionizer maintenance and other ESD applications.

Model 156A Charged Plate Monitor

The simplicity of the design of the Model 156A makes it very reliable and completely portable. The Model 156A is powered by an internal rechargeable battery that offers 8 hours of operation from a full charge. Model 156A

Model PD04002A Charged Plate Monitor Controller

Model PD04002A Charged Plate Monitor Controller utilizes standard, custom and wide-temperature range charge plates. The compact design features exceptional accuracy and stability and features a voltage monitor output for remote monitoring. The Model PD04002AP Hi-Temperature Charged Plate (pictured) is a 25 mm x 25 mm (1" x 1") with an operating range of -60° to 160° C. Model PD04002A


Model 158A Charged Plate Monitor

This CPM provides user-friendly features including a large LCD color graphic display, superior data collection & storage capability, touch screen & function key controls, and programmable start/stop voltages for +/- decay mode measurements. This unit employs Trek’s patented voltage-follower technique to provide accuracy, stability and bandwidth which surpass the capabilities of traditional field meter technology. Model 158A

Model 157 Charged Plate Monitor

Model 157 Charged-Plate Monitor: Fully static-dissipative enclosure is compatible with cleanroom and ESD environments. Tests all ionizers including room ionization systems, AC and DC blowers, nuclear ionizers, and gun types. Resolves 0.1 volts and features high accuracy with extremely low offset and drift. Model 157

High Temperature Charged Plates
Trek now offers high temperature ion collecting plates (charge plates) for applications requiring up to 160 C operation. please contact Trek for more information about this "HT" series.

DI Water Probes
Trek's Model PM08035 probes can be used for electrostatic measurement of de-ionized water. The probe can be used during critical wafer sawing processes to monitor for charge accumulation. This probe can be used with other applications or processes involving de-ionized water. Two probe models are available for user defined or application specific purposes. The Model PM08035A probe has a 0.25 inch sensor. The Model PM08035B probe has an independent wire sensor.

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