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TREK, INC., famous for its Electrostatic Voltmeters, is a world class manufacturer of custom on-board controllers (OBCs) for electrostatic voltmeter (ESVM) applications. These non-contacting on-board electrometers, commonly referred to as on-board controllers (OBC), have an operating mean time until failure rating of greater than 16,000 hours. These OBCs have been installed in the products of leading electrophotographic copier and printer manufacturers around the world.

The Trek OBC employs a patented technique to perform the non-contacting measurement of the electrostatic voltage level of the photoconductor surface associated with electrophotographic processes.

The non-contacting technique allows high stability voltage measurement to be made while the photoconductor surface is moving. High measurement accuracy is maintained even if the OBC measurement probe to photoconductor surface distance varies due to mechanical run-outs. The non-contacting method also insures that no charge transfer to the probe occurs which would cause disruption of the surface voltage.

These OBCs can also be used in ESD applications to identify sources of charge generation.

The Trek Probe

The Trek measurement probe used with its OBC is of the low impedance type to provide a high signal-to-noise ratio thus achieving fast speed of response together with superior noise and drift performance over wide temperature and humidity ranges. The probe design is immune to the effects of toner or other contaminants which often degrade the performance of probes in other designs.

The OBC features a precision voltage divider to provide a low voltage buffered replica of the measured electrostatic photoconductor surface voltage for output monitoring and control purposes.

TREK, INC. continues to innovate with new designs to meet the changing needs of the electrophotographic industry for more accurate, higher speed, higher quality, and lower cost OBC products.

We would like to talk with you about your particular needs and determine how these products or other Trek products can meet your specific requirements. Please contact TREK, INC. for further information about these product and their various applications.

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