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Model 706B PORTABLE Electrostatic Voltmeter

The Trek Model 706B portable electrostatic voltmeter is designed to perform highly accurate noncontacting surface electrostatic voltage measurements. Applications include measurement of photoreceptor surfaces in copiers and laser printers.

The Trek Model 706B E.S.V.M [Electrostatic Voltmeter] provides measurement ranges of 0 to +1 kV or 0 to -1 kV (switch selectable) and employs an easy to read 3½ digit liquid crystal display to indicate the measured electrostatic voltage. Accurate electrostatic measurements can be performed over a probe to test surface spacing of 1 mm to 5 mm.

A voltage-nulling technique is employed in the Model 706B that achieves DC stability and high accuracy even if the probe-to-measured surface spacing varies during use, this permits measurement of rotating electrophotography drums without concern for the effects of measurement accuracy due to drum eccentricities.

The probe design provides low noise and drift performance even in the presence of contaminating toner particles or under conditions of high humidity and temperature. The small durable probe has a cable length of 183 cm (72").

The Model 706B is lightweight, battery operated, and packaged in a rugged enclosure that provides a convenient probe storage area.



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All specifications are with a probe-to-surface separation of 3 mm.

Measurement Range
0 to +1 kV or 0 to -1 kV DC (switch selectable).

Better than 0.5% of full scale.


Recommended Probe-to-Surface Separation Distance
1 mm to 5 mm.

Trek Model 701P-76S Probe Dimensions
8.7 mm diameter x 70 mm L
(0.35" diameter x 2.75" L).

Caution: The metallic components of the probe are driven to the measured surface voltage level with a current capability of ±0.5 milliamperes. These metallic surfaces should not be connected to ground or touched during operation.

Cable Length
1830 mm (72").

Aperture Size (oval shaped)
3.18 mm W x 6.35 mm L
(0.125" W x 0.25" L).

Aperture Orientation
Side viewing.



Range Switch
A two-position switch is used to select
the measurement range of either
0 to +1 kV or 0 to -1 kV.

In the TEST position, if the digital
display indicates a value lower than
1100, the batteries should be
replaced. In the READ position, the
measurements are displayed.

Voltage Display
3½ digit liquid crystal display.
0 to ±1000 V.
1 V.
Zero Offset
Less than ±1 count.
Sampling Rate
3 readings per second.


Accessories Supplied

  • Operator's manual, Two (2) 9-volt batteries, and Ground Patch Cord



Power Requirements
Two (2) 9-volt alkaline batteries.

Operating Time
10 hours after battery replacement.

Operating Conditions

5 °C to 35 °C.
Relative Humidity
To 85%, noncondensing.

39 mm H x 130 mm W x 134 mm D,
(1.6" H x 5.2" W x 5.3" L).

455 g (1 lb), with batteries.

Ground Receptacle
The green banana jack must be
connected to ground to maintain
measurement accuracy.

Power On/Off
A two-position toggle switch.


TREK, INC. certifies that each Model 706B is tested and calibrated to specifications using measurement equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Low Voltage Safety Compliance (IEC 61010)

Overvoltage Category
CAT I: Peripheral level outputs (less than 60 volts).
Pollution Category
Degree 1: Operate in environments where no
pollution or only dry, nonconductive pollution occurs.

NOTE: The Model 706B is designed to make electrostatic voltage measurements only!
For safety, the Model 706B should never be used to perform measurements of “hard” voltage
sources or voltage sources which can deliver currents high enough to cause harmful shocks or personal injury.

All specifications are subject to change.


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