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Trek Model 615-3
±5 kV (10 kV p-p) High-Voltage AC/DC Generator

  • AC Voltage Range (DC bias is zero):
  • DC Bias (AC voltage is zero):
  • AC Voltage + DC Bias:
  • AC Current (DC current is zero):
  • DC Current (AC current is zero):
  • AC + DC Current:
  • Frequency (Internal Generator):
  • 0 to ±5 kV DC peak-to-peak
    0 to ±5 kV DC
    0 to ±5 kV
    0 to ±5 mA average
    0 to 8 mA DC
    0 to ±8 kHz peak
    100 Hz to 10 kHz

The Trek Model 615-3 is a precision high-voltage AC/DC generator
that can be used in constant voltage, constant current or external
amplifier mode. It is specifically designed to simultaneously provide
the AC and DC operating potentials required to operate/control an
electrostatic charger roller and offer features such as four-quadrant
output, high rejection of load current noise and three wave output

The Model 615-10 has the same features with a 20 kV peak-to-peak

  • Dielectric charge material characterization
  • Polymer and ceramic corona charging
  • Piezoelectric driving and control
Features and Benefits
  • Monitor and control photoreceptor charging current with very high accuracy
  • Four-quadrant output extends frequency response
  • Operator-selectable sine, square or triangle wave output shape
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit

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