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Trek Model 156A
Charged Plate Monitor

  • Monitored Voltage Range:
  • Large Signal Bandwidth (-3dB) :
  • Decay Mode Thresholds:
  • 0 to ±1100 V DC or peak AC
    DC to 10 Hz
    Programmable from 1 to ±1000 V in 1V
    increments. Accurate within ±1V of
    programmed voltage.

The Model 156A Charged-Plate Monitor is an important tool for evaluating the performance of air ionizers used to neutralize static charges.

The Model 156A tests the efficiency of an ionizer’s ion production by timing how long it takes air ions produced to discharge a floating plate that has been pre-charged to either a positive or negative value. The Model 156A also tests the balance between positive and negative air ions by measuring the offset voltage generated on a floating plate due to an imbalance of positive and negative air ions impinging on the plate from the ionizer.

Typically, as an ionizer ages, the rates of positive and negative air ion production decline. Consequently, the time required for the ionizer to neutralize static charges increases, and the balance of positive and negative air ions changes.

The neutralization (decay) time may become too long for the ionizer to fully neutralize charges that are generated at a work location, or the ionizer may begin to charge objects that were initially uncharged.

Typical Applications Include
  • ESD monitoring of sensitive manufacturing processes such as semiconductor, disk drive and LCD
  • Testing of all types of ionizers, including room ionization systems, AC and DC blowers, nuclear ionizers, gun type ionizers, and pulsed DC ionizers
  • High temperature applications
  • ESD measurement of de-ionized water
  • Dissipative testing applications
Features and Benefits
  • Customizable measurement capacitance provides assurance that ESD process needs are met in manufacturing and that there is compliance to ANSI/ESD-STM3.1 and IEC 61340-5-1.
  • Extremely low offset and drift ensures high accuracy, making it ideal for applications requiring critical ion balance such as GMR and TMR manufacturing areas
  • Compact and lightweight, for easy portability within a facility
  • NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration provided with each unit

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