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Trek’s New High Voltage Amplifier Offers Unique Combination of Capabilities

Model PZD350A Offers Wide Bandwidth and Addresses Need for High Speed and Precise Control of Output Voltages; Important in Piezoelectrics, Electro-optics, MEMS

20 May 2009 (Medina, NY) – TREK, INC., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instrumentation, has introduced a new High Voltage Power Amplifier - Trek Model PZD350A - which offers wide bandwidth and additional features important in piezoelectrics, electro-optics, MEMS and other applications.

The wide bandwidth of Model PZD350A, for both large signal and small signal levels, in combination with Trek’s industry-leading technology for precise control of output voltages, enable the PZD350A HV amplifier to address the specific need for high speed and fast settling when driving capacitive loads in piezoelectric driving/control, electro-optics, MEMS and other demanding applications such as laser modulation and ion beam control.

The Model PZD350A M/S has twice the current capability of the PZD350A with fast slew rates and wide bandwidths.( To Model PZD350A M/S page.... )

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TREK Introduces Electrostatic Voltage Sensor

Model 875 Designed for In-line Monitoring of Electrostatic Charge Build-up; Helps Manufacturers Improve Production Yields & Product Integrity.

Applications for TREK’s new electrostatic voltage sensor include use in semiconductor manufacturing environments as well as other charge-sensitive processes, such as those found in the manufacture of electronics and other devices, including sensitive medical electronics, microelectronics, liquid crystal displays (LCDs), hard disk drives, microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS),and in various sectors of the electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry.
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TREK Introduces 80 Kilovolt High Voltage Power Amplifier

New Model 40/15 Takes ‘High Voltage’ to New Levels

8 May 2008 (Medina, NY) – TREK, INC., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage power amplifiers and high-performance electrostatic instrumentation, recently introduced a High Voltage Power Amplifier (Trek Model 40/15) which, by providing up to 80 kV peak-to-peak (±40 kV), delivers the highest level of output voltages for any amplifier in its class, taking the term ‘high voltage’ to new heights – to voltage levels not previously feasible or available from high voltage linear amplifiers.
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Model 900A ESD Detector

TREK, INC. recently introduced the TREK Model 900A ESD Event Detector. This detector is a diagnostic tool for manufacturing environments that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), including electronic, semiconductor & medical device manufacturing and assembly.
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TREK Introduces Electrostatic Voltmeter
with Millivolt Resolution:

Model 325 is ideal for applications in
high-tech & semiconductor manufacturing, materials processing, materials science and R&D sectors.
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Model 800 Infinitron®

TREK Introduces Ultra-High Impedance Voltmeter Model 800 Infinitron® allows contacting voltage measurements with virtually no charge transfer. Product Meets Market Need to Accurately Measure Site-Specific Voltage on ESD-Sensitive Devices During Handling and Processing in Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly, Hard Disk Drive and other Electrostatic-Sensitive Environments and Applications.
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Model 157 Charged-Plate Monitor
with Enhanced Features

TREK introduces Model 157 Charged Plate Monitor
with Software Enhancements to provide additional Data Storage, Retrieval and Acquisition Options.
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Model 158 Charged-Plate Monitor

Trek's Model 158 Charged-Plate Monitor Offers Unparalleled Convenience, Simplicity & Accuracy in One Lightweight Package.
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Model 542 Electrostatic Voltmeter

Trek Announces its New Model 542 Electrostatic Voltmeter for Drift Free, Accurate, Electrostatic Measurement for ESD Sensitive Processes.
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High-Sensitivity, DC Stable Model 323 ESVM

Trek Features its High-Sensitivity, DC-stable Model 323 Electrostatic Voltmeter.
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Business News

Trek Board Elects Officers

The TREK, INC. Board of Directors elected the following officers for the year beginning January 1, 2009:

Michael Dehn, Manufacturing & Operations Manager, has been elected President. Mr. Dehn, with his significant manufacturing and operational experience, will focus on attaining revenue growth and improving operational efficiencies for the company through the effective production of existing and new products which address the needs of current and future markets.

Louise Cadwalader has been named Vice President of Finance and will serve as the corporate Vice President and Treasurer. Ms. Cadwalader, with her extensive expertise in finance, will focus on financial planning, operational analysis and financial reporting for the company.

John Carney of Carney & Giallanza was reelected as Secretary. Mr. Carney also serves as corporate counsel for TREK, INC.

Trek Sales Engineers Recently Certified by Electrostatic Discharge Association

TREK was recently notified that John Clack and Chris Lemke (Sales Engineers at Trek) achieved the status of "ESD Certified Professional - Program Manager" per the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA). This TREK group achieved certification by passing the recent ESDA annually-offered certification exam. In connection with these certifications, Trek will offer ESD Seminars in the near future. more information

Trek Receives EuroAsia IC Industry Award

Trek's Model 800 Infinitron® was nominated for and won a 2007 EuroAsia IC Industry Award. It was one of four products to be 'short listed' for the Yield Management - Best Process Award. Award winners
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Trek Charged Plate Monitor Article Published in Conformity Magazine

Two of Trek's engineers, Christopher J. Lemke and Maciej A. Noras, authored an informative article on Charged Plate Monitors entitled, "Using a Charged Plate Monitor to Test Static-Dissipative Materials and Hand Tools " as published in the December 2006 issue of Conformity magazine, p.40 to p.46. 
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The Trek Holding Company Ltd

The Trek Holding Company Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan is pleased to announce the acquisition of U.S. based TREK, INC. and Trek Japan KK, effective February 8, 2006. This acquisition is part of the overall Succession Plan of the Trek Group and allows for both TREK, INC. and Trek Japan KK to maintain its current operations and management structures. more information

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