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TREK, INC. to Introduce High-Performance Electrostatic Chuck Supply at Technical Conference

New Model 646 ESC Supply Enhances E-Chuck Efficiency in Semiconductor, Photovoltaic/Solar
and Other Electrostatic-Driven Handling Processes

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MEDINA, N.Y., Feb. 14, 2013/PRNewswire/ – TREK, INC., a designer and manufacturer of high-voltage amplifiers and electrostatic voltmeters will introduce its newest Electrostatic Chuck Supply – Trek Model 646 – at Booth #738 at SVC TechCon 2013 being held in the Providence, Rhode Island Convention Center, April 23-24, 2013.

Trek’s Model 646 offers a reliable, versatile solution for manufacturing environments where mechanical handling must be avoided, such as in semiconductor, photovoltaic/solar, and other electrostatic-driven handling processes.

The design of this new unit, with its dial-in performance, enables Model 646 to be utilized in multiple unique tools/processes, thus eliminating the need for a user to specify a new ESC supply for each unique tool/process in their manufacturing facility.

Model 646 technology has been documented to provide increased throughput, reduction of backside gas errors and virtual elimination of sticky wafer or wafer popping issues. The unit’s wafer detection system enhances utility.

This new Electrostatic Chuck Supply is a software-driven, ±3kV amplifier-powered process optimization supply designed especially for electrostatic bi-polar semiconductor wafer chucking (E-chuck) systems. The technology of Model 646 enables customer-specified chucking/de-chucking profiles to be uploaded to the unit via user-friendly software. The supply then generates the desired waveform voltages to enable optimized E-chuck performance in the user’s process/facility.

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Model 646 consists of two high voltage amplifiers and control circuitry. User-set parameters include over-current, wafer-present and wafer-clamped thresholds, clamp voltage, offset voltage, and internal or external amplitude/offset control.

This new product draws on Trek’s technical strengths – specifically high-voltage power amplification technology. It also leverages Trek’s knowledge and experience gained from participating in various semiconductor industry applications for the past 20+ years, and delivers yet another practical solution in response to industry challenges.

The ±3kV Model 646 expands the offerings of Trek’s line of standard off-the-shelf ESC supplies. Model 645 is a ±2kV ESC Supply. Model 640 is a diagnostic tool for design-of-experiment evaluations.

Product Data Sheets (pdfs):
Model 646
Model 645
Model 640

Custom designs are also developed/manufactured to meet OEM-specific requirements.

TREK, INC. ( is a privately held company (est. 1968) located in Upstate New York that designs, manufactures and sells high-voltage amplifiers, power supplies & generators and high performance electrostatic measurement instruments, sensors & monitors to the global marketplace. Trek's standard and custom products are used: (1) by OEMs involved in semiconductor manufacturing, electrophotography, photovoltaic/solar and many other industries; (2) in applications sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD); and (3) by companies and universities involved in a wide variety of research applications. Customers include Fortune 500 companies and leading universities around the world.

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