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March 7, 2006
The Trek Holding Company Ltd

The Trek Holding Company Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan is pleased to announce the acquisition of U.S. based TREK, INC. and Trek Japan KK, effective February 8, 2006. This acquisition is part of the overall Succession Plan of the Trek Group and allows for both TREK, INC. and Trek Japan KK to maintain its current operations and management structures.

Current Trek Japan KK President and Director, Toshio Uehara, remains in his role while also becoming CEO and Chairman of the Board of TREK, INC. Mr. Uehara has an association of over 27 years with the Trek Group, most recently as the aforementioned as well as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at TREK, INC. He is known internationally for his expertise in electrostatics and related electrical instrumentation.

Louise Cadwalader remains as President and Treasurer of Trek, Inc. and continues to serve on the TREK, INC. Board of Directors.

Bruce Williams, Trek's founder, will remain on the board of TREK, INC., continue to serve as Chairman of Trek Japan KK, and maintain his role as Technical Advisor. He founded the company in 1968 and has been instrumental in both technical and business development over the years.

Mr. Williams realized early on the need for a presence in the Pacific Rim Region to effectively market Trek products there and, in 1978; he established a relationship in Japan with the Midoriya Electric Corporation. At that time, MEC was established as a distributor for the company. In 1987 a joint venture subsidiary was formed from that relationship which became known as Trek Japan KK.

The Trek Holding Company Ltd., will maintain its TREK, INC. USA headquarters in Medina, NY where it will continue to focus on its core competency in Research and Development. Trek Japan will continue to be located in Tokyo, Japan to service its Japanese and other Asian markets.

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