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The Trek Model 542 Electrostatic Voltmeter provides accurate, D.C. stable (0 drift) measurement of electrostatic voltage in the range of 0 to ±20kV using a noncon-tacting chopper stabilized remote position-able sensor probe. The CE compliant Model 542 is the ideal tool to monitor charge accumulation in many processes such as the manufacturing of semiconductors, flat panel displays, and electronic assemblies.

The Model 542 is an essential measurement tool in processes where charge accumulation threatens production yields, product quality and product reliability. The Model 542, when operated on line, can quickly identify the failure or ineffectiveness of ESD coun-termeasure equipment or techniques by providing audible and visual indications of volt-age build-up beyond user-adjustable positive and negative limits.

The Trek Model 542’s patented measurement technique together with its D.C. stability provides marked improvement over other available charge measurement and
monitoring devices. Trek’s technique offers measurement accuracy which is relatively independent of measured surface to sensor probe distance while responding with full accuracy to moving as well as stationary charges – features not offered by other de-vices.

A twenty by four (20 x 4) alphanumeric LCD screen displays the present meas-ured voltage, the positive peak voltage value, the negative peak voltage value, and ad-ditional menu information. The Model 542 includes independently programmable plus (+) and minus (-) voltage threshold/alarm limits. Audible and visible alarms indicate the detection of surface voltages, which meet or exceed the programmed limits.

The Model 542-1 has a voltage detection and measurement range of 0 to ±10kV. The Model 542-2 has a voltage detection and measurement range of 0 to ±20kV. Both models feature exceptional 5% reading accuracy, ±0.2% of full scale, over the probe to surface separation distance of 15 to 30mm for the Model 542-1 and 30 to 60mm for the Model 542-2.

The Model 542 utilizes a DC stable electrostatic field chopper probe which can be remotely located and easily positioned within process equipment to provide drift-free, highly accurate, noncontacting, spacing independent, voltage measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments. Two probe types are currently available with the 542-1 and the 542-2: a side viewing probe and probe with a 45 degree angle.

In addition, a relay contact output changes state upon threshold detection. This signal can be connected to a process controlling device or other external equipment. A voltage output monitor and an 4-20mA current loop output can provide additional signal interfacing to facility monitoring equipment. An RS-232 serial port can provide computer based control and monitoring.

For additional information on the new CE Compliant Trek Model 542 Electro-static Voltmeter, Contact Trek TREK, INC.; 11601 Maple Ridge Rd.; Medina, NY 14103-9710, USA; Voice: 1-800-FOR-TREK (367-8735), Fax: 585-798-3106

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