Product Brochures

Trek Brochures:

Trek Products Brochure: High-Voltage Amplifiers and Electrostatic Voltmeters - View 2.5 MB

Trek Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Product Catalog - View 9 MB

Product Overviews:

Trek Product Overview- View 700 kB

Trek High-Voltage Power Amplifiers, Supplies, Piezo Drivers, HV Function Generators, Transconductance Amplifiers -  View 1 MB

Trek Electrostatic Voltmeter Instruments -  View 200 kB

Trek EOS/ESD Instruments - View 1.9 MB   Print 1.9 MB

Market Overviews:

Trek Electrophotography Applications - View 1.5 MB

Trek Optics & Photonics Applications - View 351 kB

Trek Piezo Drivers Overview - View 371 kB

Trek Research & Development Applications - View 2.7 MB

Trek Semiconductor Applications - View 3.8 MB   Print 3.7 MB

Trek Archival Brochures:

For historical reference these brochures are available (below) but please be advised that product information in these old brochures may not be current/valid. These brochures provide an overview of Trek's entire product line as well as the products in each category:

Trek Full Product Line Brochure (1.07 MB)

Power Amplifier Solutions Brochure (1.1 MB)

Electrostatic Voltmeter Solutions Brochure (1.29 MB)

Electrical Overstress/ Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Solutions Brochure (765 kB)

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