Position Statement

TREK, INC is committed to the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic products that are environmentally stable and friendly throughout their entire life cycle. These products are in compliance with RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulatory and statutory requirements.

TREK, INC. supports the initiatives of the “Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances” (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment, the European Union on “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” (WEEE), and Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the; Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemical (REACH).

The RoHS directive restricts the use of specific hazardous substances in the manufacture of various types of electrical and electronic equipment while the WEEE directive classifies electrical and electronic equipment and sets requirements for collecting, recycling and recovery for WEEE purposes. Although TREK, INC. products are not included within the scope of the RoHS directive, and only a few Trek products are within the scope of the WEEE directive, we believe it is in the best interest of the world community for all Trek products to fully conform to both directives. We are therefore in the process of eliminating the restricted hazardous substances from our products as well as designing all new products to be RoHS/WEEE compliant.

In 2003, TREK, INC. assembled a cross-functional team committed to the goal of making TREK, INC.’s products RoHS/WEEE compliant. This team has been working with customers, suppliers, and industry experts to meet this goal. Many of TREK, INC.’s products are already RoHS/WEEE compliant while other products are being converted as RoHS components become available.

REACH Registration is required per article 7.1 of the regulation if a substance is present in one article and totals in excess of one tonne per producer, per importer, per year and the substance is released under normal conditions of use. Trek’s products are not designed for intentional release of a chemical or substance into the environment. As such, Trek is exempt from registering substances to the European chemical Agency (ECHA).

REACH Notification is required per article 7.2 of the regulation if a “substance of very high Concern” (SVHC) as published on a formal “candidate list” provided by the European Chemical Agency. This applies to a substance contained within a product (“article”) where the substance weighs more than .1% (weight on weight of the complete article).

In accordance with article 7.7 of the regulation this obligation is effective six months after being published on the European Chemical Agency candidate list and not earlier than 2011.

Trek will continue to review and evaluate any revisions or amendments to the REACH legislation to ensure compliance is continually maintained.

If you have any questions about the compliance status of our products, please contact our Customer Service Group at 1-800-For-Trek (1-800-367-8735) or by e-mail at

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