Core Competencies


A significant portion of Trek's business is derived from the design and manufacture of custom products for OEM customers. Trek has been supplying solutions to some of these customers for over 20 years. Although we can not disclose information about our custom OEM designs, the following provides some perspective on our capabilities.

If this information interests you, please contact us to initiate a dialogue regarding your specific requirements for custom-designed product solutions.

Core Competencies:

  • High Performance High Voltage DC Stable Amplifiers
  • Precision Electrostatic Measurement
Electrostatic Measurement


  • Contacting Technology
  • Non-Contacting Technology
  • DC Stable / AC Feedback Technologies
    • Spacing independent
    • Miniature probes/sensors
    • High accuracy
  • Standard Products
    • Electrostatic voltmeters
    • Charged-plate monitors (CPM)
    • Charge-to-mass (q/m) measurement systems
    • Ion balance sensors and monitors
    • Electrometers
    • ESD Products
    • Hand-held, portable, benchtop designs
  • Custom Products
    • OEM-specified


  • Technical expertise
    • Decades of experience
    • 17 patents in the field
    • 'Driven shield technique' for CPMs
  • Voltage Measurements
    • As high as 20 kV
    • As low as 1 mV
  • Spatial Resolution as high as 10 µm
  • High Volume, Low Cost Options
  • ESDA Certified Program Managers (2 on staff)

Markets Served:

  • Electrophotography
  • Research & Development
  • Semiconductor

For nearly 50 years, TREK , INC. has been providing innovative electrostatic measurement and high-voltage power solutions to customers worldwide. Trek's superior engineering design capability and manufacturing facilities allow us to provide high quality, cost-effective products and services to meet market needs and customer-specific applications.

Our proprietary technology and technical expertise, coupled with our long-term relationships, sets us apart from our competitors and has made us the leader in the markets we serve.

Trek's commitment to develop new technologies will enable us to continue to provide current and future customers with innovative solutions.

High Voltage Amplifiers


  • Linear, general purpose amplifiers:
    • Closed loop design
    • All solid state
    • Class AB, four-quadrant output stage
    • Multi-cascode
    • Optical separation of driver and high voltage stages
  • Specialized, switching amplifiers:
    • Custom, class D, designed for a specified load
  • Standard Products
    • High Voltage Amplifiers
    • High Voltage Function Generators
    • Piezo Drivers
    • Supplies: E-chuck & Reference
  • Custom Products
    • OEM specified


  • Voltage range: ± 60 kV
  • Slew rate: 1500 V/µs
  • Current: ± 25 A
  • Temperature stability: ±100 ppm/ºC
  • Frequency: DC to 3 MHz
  • Output control: voltage amplifier/ transconductance amplifier
  • Noise: less than 10 mV
  • Short circuit protection
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance cost

Markets Served:

  • Electrophotography
  • Piezoelectrics
  • Research & Development
  • Semiconductor

Trek continues to advance the state of the art in electrostatic measurement and high voltage amplifiers. This page of information will be updated as new capabilities are added and/or new levels of capability are attained.

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